Villa Balbiano

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Villa Balbiano is one of most ancient Villa on Lake Como and the original building started in the XVI century and was completed in the XVIII century. From Time to time more buildings were added,

Some collapsed such as the light house and modifications were made inside the main building. However, it has never been abandoned. In 2011 the last owner made restoration work was undertaken on the first floor to restore the historical decorations. An indoor pool was installed in what used to be a garden shed, and another pool was installed outside. The garden was also restored and more trees added.

Now the Villa is back to the original style and splendour when was one of most important place for the rich Aristocratic Families from Como and Milan to held their events

Villa Balbiano Location

Villa Balbiano (Google Map Location) is located in Ossuccio, one of the best location on Lake Como, Ossuccio is located in the gulf on the East side of the lake and has a perfect exposure to the sun making possible to have Olive Trees and make Olive Oil. The Gulf is so called Zoca De L”oli the Oil Cove. You also can also reach Ossuccio with private boat tours on Lake Como or with public boats.

When to visit Lake Como Villas?

Best time to visit the Villas at lake Como is from mid March to end to October. As property is private you only can see it if you invited to an event or rented the Villa for a stays or events such as a Wedding on Lake Como.

Villa Balbiano seen from Lake Como

Best for events best is between May and September , during July and August the day can be very hot so best for evening events there is light is until about 10 pm.

In late October the climate is dry with mid temperature and the Autumn shows off with spectacular colors

As all Villas on Lake Como Villa Balbiano can be seen from the Lake during a private tour or crossing from Ossuccio to Isola Comacina.

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