Lake Como Boat Tours

A Lake Como Boat Tour is a must when visiting Lake Como and is also for the locals still a popular way of transport. You can choose between Public Services and Private Boats to get you from one place to the next.

Private Lake Como Boat Tours

The most convenient way of exploring Lake Como is a Private boat. They not cheap, however worth every penny spent.

Public Lake Como Boat Services

There are 3 types of boats offering routs on Lake Como and get you easily from one place to the next.

Corse Battello (Slow Motor ship)

Corse Battello connect all the towns located on Lake Como and is the best option if you like to enjoy the views, as it’s also the slowest way of getting around on the lake. So great opportunities to get some nice pictures.

The 2 main routs are Como to Colico stopping at each town including Argegno, Tremezzo, Bellagio and Varenna. The 2nd route is Lecco to Bellagio which covers the south eastern part of the lake and is only available during the summer month.

Corse Rapide (Fast boats)

Corse Rapide is the fastest way to get around and connect all the towns along Lake Comos shore lines with the exception for the towns located in southeastern branch of the lake.

Corse Traghetto (Ferry boats)

Your preferred option of transport on the lake if you traveling by car, as they the only car ferry service boats. The ferry routs are limited to the central part of the lake.

Boat & Ferry Tickets

You an choose from One-Way or Round Trip tickets, which are a great option if you like to go simply from A to B. For Sightseeing the best option are the One-Day or Six-Day Passes which allow unlimited number of trips on the lake.