Monte Goj is is part of the Spina Verde a park that surround Como with low level mountains. Mount Goj itself is 400 m above sea level. Thar’s about 200 meter above Como Town and offers a special view from south to North. From this point you can clearly see that Como has a shape as a scorpion with the downtown forming the body , two claws made by the neighborhoods next to the city and the tale from Monte Goj between the claws the Lake Como

The place is perfect for a short walk, about 40 to 70 minutes from the parking area in Piazza IV Novembre where you find a parking possibilities. You can combine a Half Day Como City Tour with lunch at the Baita, a nice restaurant to cool down in the Summer or enjoy colors and view in autumn.

The restaurant is a great place where you can enjoy meals with tasty local food , then chill out nearby and walk back to the car or the Town. I like to come here on a weekend day or holiday to enjoy the view and quite place without need to drive far from Como Town . The walk is enough to enjoy nature and easy so the can enjoy a meal , coffee and a nice relaxing walk back

Monte Goj
On the way up from Como to Monte Goj.